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The M9650 is an economical thermal break system with a special glass-fiber reinforced polyamide and a satisfactory level of insulation. Certified by the German institute IFT Rosenheim, provides basic insulation, and can be combined without significant aesthetics difference in the same building with the frame system M11000, since they have the same characteristics and the same design lines.

Basic depth of system 50mm
Glazing surfaces up to 30mm of total width could be applied and each sash shouldn’t more than 130Kg in weight
Possibility to combine the system both of European or PVC groove hardware
Glazing reinforced polyamide (18 mm to frame and sash) offers satisfied thermal insulation coefficient (Uf = 2,6 – 3,3 W/m²K)

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Frame depth:124 mm for three sliding walls 80 mm for two sliding walls
Sash/wing depth:32 mm
Infill depth:4 – 18 mm

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GENEO door system

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Energy efficiency with design

The front door is not only part of the entrance hall, but the main feature of the home. Therefore, energy efficiency, design, comfort and longevity play a decisive role. GENEO door system unites these characteristics thanks to high-tech material RAU-FIPRO.

Exclusively for GENEO profiles there is a possibility of hidden hinges installation, which gives a special design effect.


systematic depth: 86 mm / 6 chamber

thermal insulation to Uf = 0.75 W / m²K

meeting existing and anticipated standards EnEV

fiber reinforced RAU-FIPRO, IVS (Integrated amplification system)

burglary protection up to resistance class 2 without steel reinforcement with the best thermal insulation

threshold without barriers according to DIN 18024, 18025 and 18040 with a height of 20 mm



the best stability of glass fiber reinforced core profile RAU-FIPRO

very good thermal insulation without compromise in relation to the design, comfort and longevity


Intrusion detection

meets the requirements in relation to the construction of barrier-free

high definition finishing area (HDF): high-quality, noble, extremely smooth and therefore easy to maintain

ecologically because of the possibility of recycling

perfect energy efficiency – the GENEO-family (windows, doors, sliding doors lift) thermally insulate the object optimally


application possibilities

entrances with energy-optimized rehabilitation facilities

new construction of high standards and low energy houses

single doors opening inwards, with a fixed side member

double door opening to the inside, the front door with skylight

the front door – the system with the possibility of making different elements



exclusively only at REHAU: hidden optional fitting to perfect visual effect and easier maintenance

a multitude of creative possibilities with the help of decorative films of different colors, painting or with aluminum cover materials

almost unlimited freedom of design with various fillings for doors and all kinds of glass, thickness up to 53 mm

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Perfect Energy Efficiency & Design

The better the insulation of the building, the less power consumption. In this case, you do not have to give up glass surfaces and elements that are letting in a lot of light. System GENEO lift-sliding doors of high-tech RAU-FIPRO combines architectural elements of large glass surfaces with the highest energy efficiency and other benefits such as comfort, sound and burglary protection.


System depth 86 mm

5-chamber system

thermal insulation: Uf bis 1,3 W / m²K

sound protection to Rw, P = 43 dB

anti-theft  resistance class 2 (ENV 1627)

air permeability: Class 4 to EN 12207

resistance to impact effect of rain: up to class 9A according to EN 12208

resistance to the impact of the wind: up to class B3 according to EN 12210



excellent stability profile of the high-tech material RAU-FIPRO

easy handling due to perfectly matched system techniques

seals the entire length of galvanized corners protect against drafts, dust, water and heat losses

high investment security due to meet the requirements of EnEV-standard

unusual architecture with elements in the floor level

high definition finishing surface (HDF): high quality, noble, extremely smooth and therefore easy to maintain

the ecological profile, due to the possibility of recycling

perfect energy efficiency – the GENEO-family (windows, doors, lift-sliding doors) optimal  thermal insulation of the object


Application possibilities

higher range of the old and new buildings

passive houses

ideal transition from living room to the balcony, terrace or in the garden

possible application with winter garden

compatibility with REHAU window profile systems

unusual architecture with elements in the first floor level

the element width of 10 m, weight up to 400 kg



elegant profile for modern design

possibility of making a side height up to 2.70 m and a width of up to 10 m

different ways of opening

various design options through color with decorative foil, lacquer profiles or aluminum blankets

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As an extension of the system GENEO is now available system GENEO PHZ (Pasivhauszertifiziert – certified for passive houses). With the implementation of thermo-module and special secondary seal, GENEO PHZ becomes systemic solution certified for passive houses. All the advantages of gene-profile – despite the highest requirements with respect to thermal insulation – remained unchanged.


  • systemic depth: 86 mm / center seal
  • number of chambers: 6
  • thermal insulation: Uf up to 0.79 W / m²K
  • Energy savings: up to 76% *
  • material: composite material reinforced with glass fibers RAU-FIPRO, the entire length of coextruded outer surface of high-quality RAU-PVC for the best surface quality
  • soundproofing: without steel reinforcement to Rw, P = 47 dB (A glazed Rw = 50 dB)
  • intrusion detection: resistance to class 3, the security class 2 without steel reinforcement
  • air permeability: 4 (EN 12207)
  • Resistance to driving rain: 9A (EN 12208)


  • fully reinforced window profile without additional steel reinforcement
  • exceptional stability of the high-tech material RAU-FIPRO, perfect profile construction with integrated reinforcement system (IVS)
  • apparent width of only 115 mm for optimum light
  • storing and streamlining the production of reinforced profile completely
  • easier handling and installation for up to 40% less weight compared to conventional systems, window profiles
  • function chamber for optimization of the thermal insulation with a thermal modules
  • Large rebate depth of 66 mm for installation of triple glazing
  • reduced the pressure in the closing and thus considerably easier to open and close due to newly developed geometry seals
  • high definition finishing-area (HDF): high-quality, noble, extremely smooth and therefore easy to maintain
  • ecological profile, due to the possibility of recycling
  • perfect energy efficiency – the GENEO-family (windows, doors, sliding doors) optimal thermal insulation of the object


  • multitude of architectural solutions through individual acts, for example. round, triangular windows and window constructions for slope and with rungs, for the first time with fully reinforced profiles
  • great freedom of design to determine the color using decorative foil, lacquer or aluminum blanket
  • light gray seals with white profiles and black gaskets for colored profiles give special attention
  • 20 ° – slopes and 5 mm for the outer radius elegant look
  • additional opportunities of planning for sloping design wings



For system GENEO are available the following additional items and products:

  • angular solutions without condensation:

effectively prevent the formation of mold and condensation (DIN 4108-2)

Corner solutions for angles of 90 ° and variable angles internal angle between 90 ° and 180 °

  • REHAU Comfort-Design Plus:

The system of roller shutters offers effective protection from view and light. Optional with integrated rolling anti-mosquito nets.


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A multi-chambered system of 70mm wide profiles meeting the highest heat-insulating requirements, particularly recommended in low-energy houses (U-value of 1,3 W/m2K)

Gentle bows, rounded edges, delicate scarves – it all gives windows in REHAU-Brillant-Design a modern and professional look, which in combination with thermo glass up to 41mm thick guarantees an ideal protection against outside noise.
REHAU-Brillant-Design is a profile created for connoisseurs.



  • five chambers for the highest heat-insulating parameters (U-value of 1,3 W/m2K)
  • ideal optics, the highest quality of outside surface, rounded sash edges, great selection of colors
  • profiles with or without a weldable gasket in sash, frame and post
  • compatible with additional Rehau 60mm and 70mm profiles
  • the same reinforcements and ferrules as in systems Rehau-Thermo-Design and Rehau-Basic-Design
  • higher anti-burglar security thanks to ferrules fixed through three PVC walls or additionally through steel reinforcement
  • fender gasket with wide faying surface for excellent joint density
  • 35mm deep reinforcing chamber enables to use reinforcement with the best static features

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Brillant-Design MD

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Rehau-Brillant-Design MD was based on a success of REHAU Brillant Design system. Both profiles are similar, however REHAU Brillant design MD has been developed as a distinct system with an additional inside gasket.

The most important thing in REHAU Brillant Design MD is thermal insulation. Multi-chambered construction of 70mm wide profiles showing already a very good insulating power has been additionally reinforced by an inside gasket.
Another alternative is REHAU Brillant Design MD+ with thermal divided reinforcement. U-value of such profiles reaches 1,1 W/m2K. That’s why windows in REHAU Brillant Design are ideal for low-energy houses.



  • five chambers for the highest thermo-insulating parameters (U-value of 1,3 W/m2K or U-value of 1,1 W/m2K for REHAU Brillant Design MD+)
  • weldable gasket in sash
  • compatible with additional Rehau 60mm and 70mm profiles
  • the same reinforcements and ferrules as in systems Rehau-Thermo-Design and Rehau-Basic-Design
  • ideal optics, the highest quality of outside surface, smaller sash, even greater selection of colors
  • ideal for low-energy houses thanks to high thermal insulation of 5-chambered 70mm wide profile
  • ferrules fixed through three PVC walls or additionally through steel reinforcement
  • 35mm deep reinforcing chamber enables to use reinforcement with the best static features

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SUPREME SD77 is ALUMIL’s new innovative entrance door with unique form and functions designed to provide efficiency, durability and fitness. SD77 offers flexibility in design and with its multiple typologies provides endless possibilities to fit every structural span required. With its modern, sleek flat designs and aesthetic touches has the ability to be combined with either aluminum panels or grazing infills without sacrificing its finesse. A true technological advancement offering optimum performance and sustainable building.

  • Sleek look in the system’s 77mm depth.
  • Low threshold of only 22mm height with slip resistant design.
  • High level of thermal insulation and water tightness.
  • Designed to fit different solutions.
  • Wide variety of security locks and hinges (concealed, barrel or surface mounted).
  • Ideal entrance door for S77 window series

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M11500 is a complete system for windows, doors, as well as for entrance doors with a high level of thermal insulation. Thanks to the vast range of profiles, the system can create all kind of typologies regarding hinged frames and offers the following advantages:

  • Variety of designs (softline, flat, inclined, classic) so as to create any kind of typology
  • Uses a concealed sash for more natural lighting
  • Tilt & turn windows not only with the standard 11mm European groove, but also with the 16 mm PVC groove for WK3 anti burglar protection
  • Creates any kind of entrance doors
  • Creates horizontal or vertical pivot windows and casement doors
  • Giving alternatives to every need of architectural design

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M11000 is a versatile system for any kind of thermal insulated doors and windows, which can meet the most demanding needs, thanks to the large range of solutions and profiles. The system can create all kind of typologies regarding hinged frames and offers the following benefits:

  • Variety of designs (flat, curved, inclined, classic) and alternatives for every need of architectural design with a vast collection of profiles
  • Concealed window typologies (single and double) for more natural lighting
  • Both European groove and PVC groove hardware can be applied
  • WK 3 anti-burglar protection
  • Special profiles available for any typology of entrance doors
  • Pivot windows typology